Hong Kong Modeling Agency: The Best 5 Agencies For Models

These model agencies ensure high-quality products, brands and campaigns. From commercials for the beauty industry to work in Shanghai, Tokyo, Beijing and much more. The best modeling agencies in Hong Kong, the reliable partner for perfect photo shootings & videos: agencies organize transformable models talents for photo campaigns, photo shoots and advertising film. Agencies attach importance to ambition and punctuality. Together, you achieve representative results that convince you and your customers. The product, location, model: Every single part of the shoot must be accurate so you can be sure that you always achieve the result you want!

Your chance to see the best fashion brands and popular brands in Hong Kong

Why should you book a model for your production?

Models will motivate your production team and photographers to get the most out of each project. Models adapt to different challenges. It is clear, only if the model in the profession at any time feels comfortable can retrieve their performance. Here you will find our ranking with the best agencies in Hong Kong. See the top modeling agencies in Hong Kong here! Go back to Asia and have a look at many other model agencies!

If you want to become a model in Hongkong, you should also check out Shenzhen (China).

Synergy Model Management Hong Kong

Synergy Model Management is a great model agency they have a lot of covers and beautiful girls, but they have only women.

Style International Management Group

Style International Management Group is a very professional company they have different Models and they’re all perfect. Style International Manegement Group has a great creativity.

Model Group Hong Kong

Model Group shoot men and woman. They have many covers, for example from Teaser Magazin, Trend Report, Vogue, Velvet, Elle and more.

  • Model Group
  • Rm7F, B, Tianjian Mingyuan, 19th East Shangbao Rd, Futian, Shenzhen China
  • office@modelgroup.hk
  • +852 86 755 8212 8991

Icon Model Management

If you look at the page of Icon Model Management you can only see cover from Marie Claire Style, female, Hanger, Cosmopolitan, Home and a lot of more. Icon Model Management is a professional company and very successful.


  • Level 8 Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  •  management@iconmodel-kl.com
  • +852 60321443358


Modeling Jobs: Fitness and sports models | Become a model #11

If you have a fit and athletic body, you might be able to work as a fitness and sports model besides commercial and fashion. They are role models and represent products for body and soul through their own mind and a perfect fit for clients. As described, most of the clothing, which will be presented comes in clothing sizes 34 (max. 36) for women. For male models, it is mostly clothing size 48 (max. 50). That is why many models work on their healthy diet and work out regularly and do sports – to get that perfect body.

Fitness and sports models

An athletic body is an advantage in particular for male models and if you have just started the first years as a model. If you are very active and eat healthy, you are perfect for the work within the fitness and sports, and health segment. Athletes portray very authentically the performance criteria and show it by their trained body persistence. These are the characteristics that consumers want to gain themselves. If you have fun doing sports and have a passion for it, there is a way for a great combination of both, because you can build up your book entirely to become a fitness and sports model.

Note > However if you become too muscular, clients will not book you that much. Same for women, so you have to think carefully, which sport defines your body, and what you want to do. If your hips are bigger, you should do some fitness exercises that train muscles within the hips but don’t make them bigger.

Quest Author: Stephan M. Czaja / Cocaine Models (Head Booker) from ‘The Model Book’

Help and tips for young models

  1. How To Become A Model
  2. First Gosee / Casting + Checklist
  3. How To Get A Strong Model Book
  4. How To Convince Top Photographers
  5. Behind The Scenes Of Managements
  6. Self-employed: From business to accounting
  7. Exclusive Contracts
  8. Options: Maybe Your Next Job
  9. Jobs: Online Shops and Family Shootings
  10. Jobs: Beauty Models
  11. Jobs: Fitness and Sports Models
  12. Jobs: Trade Shows
  13. Jobs: Showroom, Runway and Fashion Shows
  14. Get Scouted! Hashtags on Instagram

Self-employed: From business to accounting | Become a model #6

Become a model in cities like New York and Los Angeles is very difficult, especially when you finished your first jobs. Today, we talk about: Self-employed: From business to accounting! Registering your business, running your business and being successful. That is what we will talk about within the next chapter. New faces, newcomer and younger models will ask themselves which legal form is the best for them. Once the first jobs are done within the agency, it is about the payment.

In short: go to your local trade office (take your ID with you and some money), register your business (which will take about 10 minutes), receive your tax number, collect invoices and by the end of the your you will compare your earnings to your expenses in a simple list.

Step by step: Let’s start your modeling business

We will look at all steps in detail:

  1. Becoming a model – the best legal form for models
  2. Founding – small businesses for models, that easy
  3. Accounting – you have to do it
  4. Financial statement – profit and net income method
  5. How long is a small business advisable for models?

Notice > this chapter will just give you an idea. If you decide to work as model talk to your parents first, or if you are already older talk to an accountant.

Your own business as self-employed model

Why do you need your own business? In general, there are two forms: being employed or self-employed. As an employee, you will get your regular salary, monthly and always the same amount. If you are working for a company you have set conditions like working hours, holidays. However, self-employed people have different companies they work for. Depending on the projects the factors of payment and working hours will differ. As a model, you are self-employed. And once you are earning money, you have to register your business within the local trade office. Sounds complicated but it is not if you get a bit into the topic “being self-employed“.

Legal form for new faces in the beginning

The suitable legal form for young models and self-employed models?

When you register your business, you will be asked if you want to pay and apply VAT or if you want to have a small business without VAT. What is the difference? Well as a small business, you don’t have to do the complicated accounting and financial statements. Just the general accounting is enough and the profit and net income method is sufficient. Which means: you collect your invoices, and at the end of the year you calculate your earnings and expenses. As a small business, it is suitable for models who work part or fulltime and you are more flexible when it comes to your living.

General accounting for models

Instead of a complex financial statement, general accounting will be enough in most cases worldwide. In Germany for example, you are not obliged to do accounting, to do a financial statement and you may calculate your annual profit with a simple profit and net income method (profit vs. expenses). It may sound complicated but it is simple and easy. You just compare your earnings to your expenses in a list and calculate the profit.

If you need information about your tax system, ask your parents! They know the system and will help you quick.

Fulltime or part-time job?

As a model, you may keep your flexibility with regards to work. At the beginning, you can still work somewhere else or concentrate onto your modeling career. A small business is allowed besides school as well.

Private liability

Be careful (!) you are always held liable with your private assets. Don’t take any financial risks. Don’t borrow money, rather save money from the very beginning (from your payments).

Accounting of your income and outcome

One work regarding accuracy. Accounting is not complicated. You only have to collect your earnings and expenses. Just get a classy folder for that and collect all invoices and specimen copies and keep them chronologically.

Every time you spend money, get a receipt and keep it in your folder. Online invoices you will have to print, of course. If you earn money yourself, write an invoice and keep it in your folder. Bookkeeping with your computer is not advisable, because receipts might get lost or you might delete them unintendedly or they could spam your hard drive. The tax office needs you to keep all receipts and invoices for a couple of years, for the event of an audit. So, in short: a folder, with all receipts and invoices kept chronologically.
Now, you only have to keep some things in mind as “small business“ when you are writing invoices and when it comes to taxes:

Financial statement at the end of the year

By the end of the year you will have to make your profit and net calculation, and present it to the tax office. If you have any questions you can always contact your tax office.

How to do a financial statement

The profit and net income method is the simple form of profit determination by the end of the year. For freelancers and small businesses like you, the perfect way to compare earnings and expenses. The basis for all calculations is the money in your account. If you are about to do your first calculation, contact your tax office, because you have two possibilities: you could either use the appendix EÜR in your USt-declaration or (as a small business) you may also just hand in an informal profit determination, for example with Excel. But pay attention to invoices before the end of the year! If you are invoicing someone before the end of the year but get the money in the new year, it will have to be included in the calculation for the new year.

How long is a small business for models suitable?

With just two well paid campaigns you might have earned that. You will then have to charge VAT and have to change your legal form. This is an advantage for you! Your acquisition costs will rise once you have more earnings. Which means: more jobs, more expenses. Maybe for a car, a Bahncard/Railcard or a second mobile phone. As soon as your expenses rise, VAT gets even more interesting for you. Why? Because you can offset it.

Short calculation: Small business

Some countures allow “small businesses”. You have an easier tax system for the start. You are getting a model cell phone and pay 600 Dollar. That’s it.

Not a small business anymore

You are getting a model cell phone and pay 600 Euros. But wait, there is more to that! You will get the VAT back from the tax office by the end of the month. So, worldwide with a VAT of 15 – 20% that is almost 100 Dollar, which you will get back for just a little bit more work. And your expenses decline from 600 Dollar to 500 Dollar.

Insurance for modeling jobs

Important! You must insure yourself if you are not covered by a family insurance or not still at school or University.

Quest Author: Stephan M. Czaja / Cocaine Models (Head Booker) from ‘The Model Book’

Help and tips for young models

  1. How To Become A Model
  2. First Gosee / Casting + Checklist
  3. How To Get A Strong Model Book
  4. How To Convince Top Photographers
  5. Behind The Scenes Of Managements
  6. Self-employed: From business to accounting
  7. Exclusive Contracts
  8. Options: Maybe Your Next Job
  9. Jobs: Online Shops and Family Shootings
  10. Jobs: Beauty Models
  11. Jobs: Fitness and Sports Models
  12. Jobs: Trade Shows
  13. Jobs: Showroom, Runway and Fashion Shows
  14. Get Scouted! Hashtags on Instagram

Modeling Agencies: Behind The Scenes Of Managements | Become a model #5

I will now take you behind the scenes of a modeling agency! The important division of every agency is scouting and booking. The main work of modeling agencies is to build up a high-class network of photographers, magazines, models, scouts and clients, but also to discover new faces!

Quest Author: Stephan M. Czaja / Cocaine Models (Head Booker) from ‘The Model Book’

Behind the scenes of modeling agencies worldwide

For me, every morning starts in the Cafè or office. Besides me, there is the first Cappuccino and I check all the emails and sort the information from yesterday and new enquiries. My job is model management. As a model agent, I communicate with clients, and work on conditions and contracts or plan travels for models. After a while, you know every model by detail. I have spent quite some time with much of them, from their first casting to model coaching to first test shoots, jobs, their first campaign. To see how models grow in the first months and years and with our help improve is fascinating me!

Your modeling agency is your most important partner from day one. With their mix of personal and partly exclusive contacts and a highly professional network and the own model selection, agencies are the intersection of commercial clients and models. If you as a new model are being represented by a renowned agency, your chances are quite high to get bigger jobs even at the beginning. Many employees of commercial agencies, production companies or photographers always have a look at the webpages of agencies and look out for new models.

Booking enquiry: Your way to success as a model

How does a booking enquiry look? Many model enquiries will result from personal contacts of the agency, which have been acquired by trusted work within time. These clients will call your agent mostly directly and ask for proposal for productions. However, many enquiries also result from clients, who looked at the webpage on the internet and found the agency by browsing through the internet. No matter if personal contacts or agency webpages, most enquiries will be at the office via email. Emails are the main mean of communication. You will also write lots of emails as a model. Lots of gathered information can be presented with that mean in a sorted way. Therefore, clients mainly send enquiries via email. They can write all the information in a structured way, like details about location, date or attachments like dispositions, pdf files, flight bookings, tickets, pictures, and videos – and all of that is quickly available.
If a booking enquiry has been received, it usually contains the frame details of the photoshoot or commercial pictures. It also includes the exact (or less detailed) picture of how the model should look like. All statements vary. Some clients have a clear image of their model, others only provide information like height, clothing size, skin tone and hair colour.

Modeling agencies and agents filter the good jobs from the not so well-paid ones by their experience. Which means, they calculate the payment and compare to what is provided and compare it to the media output (the usage) of the shoot or video shoot. Is that job profitable? Are buyouts (usage rights) already included? Is the client good for your career or your portfolio? Will that job help you book more? After all these considerations, the shooting information will be summed up. The selection will be done by the booker himself/herself and he/she will decide who fits the job and who not. The selected models will then receive the enquiry.

If conditions don’t fit before the job, the agent will consult the client in order to negotiate the payment. Many models only calculate the working hours on jobs, but there is a lot more! In reality, you will present your face for a one-year campaign for 365 days. Every single day you will represent the brand with your look. Therefore, agents don’t only consider the single working day but also usage rights!

Selection criteria: Competition all the time

The selection criteria differ from job to job and from new faces to professional models. Whilst new faces will be booked for “smaller“ jobs, only professional models will be considered for bigger ones. The experienced model has an advantage here, which he/she will only get by high quality images in the book, talent and experience, and will then get the booking. In other words, clients directly ask for a certain model (direct booking) and not for a selection.

Agencies respond to mails asap and provide pictures if needed.

If an agency needs pictures for an enquiry asap, for example hand snaps for a new beauty campaign, they immediately take these snaps. Replies will be straightforward and without many questions. This part of acting professionally is what you have to provide from day one! You have to be like that: easy going, not complicated, fast and always on call. Why? Because your chances of getting jobs will be higher!
Modeling agencies, agents and their clients have a wide selection within new faces. If an agent receives an enquiry, he/she feels pretty much like you: the faster he/she replies and makes suggestions, the higher the chances that the client will make a positive decision. If a person is being booked by a commercial agency or photographer, he/she will think about that production while searching for a model. If an agency sends proposal early, the producer will already think about it. If he/she likes a model, he/she will start planning with that face. The chances are high that after all the planning and thoughts put into, he/she will decide in your favour – therefore – being as fast as possible is everything!

Being reachable? This means jobs!

That is also very important for you. Like I just said, particularly with new faces, clients and agencies have a big selection. New faces are coming in all the time. Every year there is a new generation. If an agent asks for fifteen models for a job and ten reply within the first hour, the suggestions will be sent to the client immediately. If you wait till the next day to reply, you will most likely not be considered.
Your chances of getting the job will decline, and because of that you should always use your mobile phone as the most important mean of communication. That implies an email address, social networks and messenger services like WhatsApp or Facebook. Because you carry your mobile phone with you all the time, you will always be informed about latest mails from your agency! Even if you don’t get inquiries every hour, it makes sense to look at your phone from time to time, just in case you get something so that you can react quickly and get the best options.

Internal competition in your modeling agency

Your agency will honour it when you get back to them on time when receiving enquiries. In doing so, they can assure high standards towards their clients when it comes to providing the perfect model for their job. If an agency always takes too long, the client will not get back to them again. Same for models. If you always take too long to get back to them you might not receive enquiries or your contract may be terminated. Particularly as new faces the competition within the agency is quite high. The agency has their favourite models, which they know very well for months or even years. As a new model, even after being accepted, you are only a face of many. There will be new models coming in and some leaving! The agent knows that and so does the agency. Therefore, it is important for you to show high commitment from the very beginning – and to prove that you want to become a model.

For your agency, you should be reachable – ideally seven days a week. Even the team of the agency does not work during the regular working hours. Good agencies also work during the night or weekends, even on public holidays. If a model needs to be replaced or a new enquiry is received, they have to act quickly. If you are away or on holiday, inform them in advance and let them know – so that they can plan that you will not be available for a couple of time. In result, your booker knows that they have to consider this and that you might not be able to get back to them immediately. Best would be that you are also reachable during your holidays. As a model, you are responsible for yourself and hence for your success! If you don’t keep that in mind and take communication as not so important, it might happen very fast that someone else takes your spot.

Notice> Do you have an idea how many models apply at a good agency each day? If an agency reached a certain standing and status, which would be a high-class name for exclusive clients and jobs, hundreds of applications will be submitted by models each day. Every year, thousands of young girls and boys want to become models. As I said, the competition is high! Very high!

Who discovers new models? Model scouts do!

An agency or scout does the discovery of new models. He/She will then have a look at all applications via mail and keep an eye open for models on the street and actively look for new faces. Most of you know the stories of sudden discoveries. There are just some examples like curvy model Angelina Kirsch. She was discovered sitting in a Café in the middle of Rome. No matter if it’s at the gym, shopping mall or airport: model scouts will find models in all different locations as new faces for their clients! If you have been approached by a reliable agent of an agency, your sights are very good! There are lots of online applications and usually one out of hundred is getting the call and will be further considered. If you already passed that you might be successful.

What are scouts looking for in applications?

The focus within applications is mainly the height and your pictures. Are you a special kind of type? Would they have to invest a lot into your career? Do you have the perfect measurements? Professional models will have higher chances at jobs than new faces, because the agency won’t have to invest that much time into them. New faces need a lot of work – questions will have to be answered. First, shootings need to be organised, the book has to be built up, and coaching for posing and runway has to be done. Real work for an agency and investment of time, money and contacts.

Magazines and photographers for you model book

After the scouting of the model there will be the building up of the model! There will be specialists in a good agency just for that. They have contacts at important magazines and are in touch with good photographers. If you ever wondered how you will get into a magazine: magazines, in particular big ones, book the photographer directly. Which means in order to get these great pictures and make it into the magazine, or even be on the cover, you will have to be with an agency that has high class contact and works with these photographers. First though, you will have your first test shoot. As soon as your portfolio gets bigger, better photographers will work with you. Therefore, this part of work is so essential and people from the agency particularly work in that part of building-up your book. You want to know more about test shootings? Read this article about photographers and test shootings.

Modeling agencies: The longterm network

Within booking it all comes together: new pictures of the models, updating measurements, new tearsheets, clients and enquiries.

Model scouts and bookers in an agency do even more. They will network for their models on important venues and events, and coordinate the collaboration with foreign agencies.

They are in touch with models and partner agencies throughout the entire globe! Great agencies have partners on all continents, countries, and important cities of the world so that models can work internationally! Every bigger media or fashion capital will need new faces constantly. Therefore, partner agencies exchange models in between for the best markets. Models are able to build up their book and modeling agencies will always have new looks for their clients.

Quest Author: Stephan M. Czaja / Cocaine Models (Head Booker) from ‘The Model Book’

Help and tips for young models

  1. How To Become A Model
  2. First Gosee / Casting + Checklist
  3. How To Get A Strong Model Book
  4. How To Convince Top Photographers
  5. Behind The Scenes Of Managements
  6. Self-employed: From business to accounting
  7. Exclusive Contracts
  8. Options: Maybe Your Next Job
  9. Jobs: Online Shops and Family Shootings
  10. Jobs: Beauty Models
  11. Jobs: Fitness and Sports Models
  12. Jobs: Trade Shows
  13. Jobs: Showroom, Runway and Fashion Shows
  14. Get Scouted! Hashtags on Instagram

How To Convince Top Photographers For Test Shootings | Become a model #4

Looking for photographers to get a strong model book? How will you find a good photographer for your test shoot? And how many do you need? If you are already with some good agencies, you will get enquiries from them. That is how you get in touch with photographers. You will get your first photoshoots and first pictures, which will help you working. Once photographers, agencies or yourself post pictures, you will quickly get new requests from other photographers. But now you should be careful: keep in mind – quality!

Quest Author: Stephan M. Czaja / Cocaine Models (Head Booker) from ‘The Model Book’

Quality before quantity! Select different styles

A lot of models think that taking as many pictures as possible will help them be successful. But is that true? If you are a young model and shooting with a lot of photographers at the beginning to build your book, you will still end up using only a few shots. Time for planning and shootings is wasted. On social media, there will be too many pictures of you once photographers or others post the editorials. If there are a lot of photoshoots with you, like unpaid tests, why should somebody pay for you? As a model, you have to be selective when it comes to photoshoots for your book. The level and quality should always increase. You should also focus and maintain your exclusiveness. This also applies to jobs. You should select your jobs, clients, and photographers carefully. Modeling agencies will ensure that clients fit you as a model. As explained, jobs on trade shows or for music videos do not usually come from agencies. As a model, it is vital to have a versatile book. A good model management will have great contacts and photographers so that you can build up your book step by step and improve the same way. Nobody will be a star overnight, even top models started from the bottom and worked their way into the modeling Olymp. And that is just the same way you should work on your dream of becoming a model.

Videos: Boost your portfolio with image videos

This is not complicated! Videographers know how to introduce a model to agencies. If you are looking for somebody who is doing your video, visit IO | Video Production.


Enquiries after the first photoshoots

I would like to explain this a bit more. Once younger models are being accepted at an agency and take their first pictures, enquires from photographers will follow automatically via Facebook, Instagram ets. Of course, you will be happy about that but it might get too much. You should always forward all enquires to your agency. They know exactly who is reputable and who is not. And you will also show that you want to work with your agency and not alongside your agency. You will get even more enquiries for jobs. Those are not reputable. Job enquires via Instagram will only be posed by companies that want to save money (and which might not include working hours, don’t use contracts or buyouts etc.). It is your manager’s job to tell you to be patient, which is difficult, because even smaller jobs are interesting for new faces. But: enquiries will come and go. Getting the best and most profitable once is the way to do it. Only by quality you will be a successful model in the long run and be able to get good payment. This applies to clients, media and editorials. Too much of one thing will lower your value and therefore, soon enough you will have to look for photographers who fit your book perfectly by yourself. For example, if you need commercial or sports pictures. Every photographer has a speciality in which he/she is best at. And as a model, once you want to improve your book, you have to look for the most suitable photographer. You will earn enough money then to even consider paid photoshoots with top photographers. We will talk more about that on page 104, about paid photoshoots (paid photoshoots with photographers).

Test shoots with photographers for your book

First of all: What is a test shoot?

All test shoots will be considered unpaid work. In United States test shoots are also called TPF (time for print). This term is mostly used within hobby photographers/models and the international term would be test.

What does that mean?

Photographers, models and make-up artists will work without getting paid. All parties involved use the pictures for their own portfolio. Photographers may take pictures with models they need for their portfolio. For example, pictures he/she won’t get with a job. With new pictures, you will get new clients.

The variety! Test shoots are vital for new faces as they will be your first pictures for your book. Later you will even be paid as a model to do test shoots. For example, if a photographer is looking for a certain type of model for his/her project.

Tipps for your first test

There are some easy steps that will help you. First it is important to convince photographers to shoot with you. Like modeling agencies, photographers get lots of enquiries from models. If you are showing that you are committed and think about your test shoot beforehand, your chances will increase of getting a good photographer for your test. The less time they have to invest, the better for them. On one side, you are nervous as a new face because it is your first test shoot. At the beginning, you don’t really know what you have to do. I have some easy tips for you from fashion the photographer, Oliver Rudolph. He knows exactly what clients want to see and what pictures are needed, what facial expressions are good, because he has been in the industry for quite a while now. In order to get test shoots, you have to convince photographers about yourself and your idea first.

How do you convince photographers?

Convincing photographers takes time, because YOU are the new face!

As I said, it has you to be your aim to get better photographers for each shoot. Better photographers mean for you also that you have to improve each photoshoot. The portfolio of the photographer will be better than yours. He or she has already worked with clients and gained a lot of experience. The higher the expectations of the new pictures, the better the quality of the photographer.

Therefore, you have to convince the photographer of yourself at the photoshoot. Great preparation will help you achieve this goal. You have to plan the entire photoshoot: type, styling, location. Before you now start to think about the photoshoot, keep in mind that it is not only about you. You meet the photographer and you might have to make little adjustments here and there. How can you offer him/her something that he/she maybe hasn’t done so often? Will a make-up artist be at the photoshoot? She/he might have some ideas as well. A test shoot should always include the interests of all parties involved, even when planning it. Additionally, you should collect pictures (moods), which are part of your preparation. If you know how to work with Photoshop, you can create a little mood board yourself. It is enough though to send an email with attached pictures. Keep in mind that you can attach a maximum of two or three pictures per theme (style, styling, location).

Checklist for your mood board:

  1. What kind of pictures to I need?
  2. Sporty, fashion, lifestyle, commercial, family….
  3. Which styling will I get on set?
  4. Brands, colours, clothing, ….
  5. Which location will be nearby?
  6. Surroundings, light, approvals, ….
  7. Collect moods
  8. Sample pictures for what you have in mind

Get in touch with photographers

First, you will write a short, friendly, and clearly structured email with moods, in order to present your idea. Your email will include all your thoughts in short (style, styling, location).

This will be a good template for all your email. Then, you should look for good photographers nearby your location. Often it is enough to use Google and search for “Photographers Berlin”, “Photographers Munich” etc. You can also look on Instagram or in Facebook groups about modeling. Write a separate message to each photographer and try to put in an individual sentence about why you want to shoot with him/her. This makes the e-mail more personalised. You should also have a look at the portfolio of the photographer or the website, Facebook, or Instagram page.

Why is this so important? Many of models just thing about themselves when looking for a photographer. No photographer will get back to a kind of automated email. But if you show that you took the time and looked at the work, and present a structured concept of the shoot, chances are good that you will get a positive reply from the photographer.

By using more strategies, you will get better photographers more easily, because they will see that you want to work with them.

Checklist for e-mails to photographers:

  1. short email with max. 100 words
  2. start with a personal introduction like “Dear Katharina…”
  3. describe your concept, styling, location
  4. explain why you choose him/her as photographer
  5. try to find moods in the internet, which will help the photographer to get an idea of what you want to do
  6. attach a maximum of 3 pictures of each theme
  7. send each photographer an individual email (no CC or BCC)

Facial expressions in the photoshoot

After a few photoshoots with good photographers, your chances of getting better will improve and your abilities will increase. Within the first test shoots or the first visit of the agency, you might be a bit insecure when they are taking snaps of your or when shooting with the photographer. Many of models are nervous and only think about posing! But they forget about their facial expressions. The body is moving, arms are swinging, hands in your face, shoulders in the air. The facial expression however stays the same. At the end, every picture will look the same. Maybe that will work with your first set, because it looks “cool”, but with the second set, it will be boring. That is why a lot of clients do castings for their commercials and campaigns. They will see live if the model is good and can convince them if she/he is more “boring.” We, as humans, always pay attention to the face first, at the first meeting or when looking at models on big billboards in the city. Facial expressions are everything!

Facial expressions tips

For good facial expressions, I spoke to the fashion photographer, Oliver Rudolph. His tips will help you as a new face for your first photoshoot to show that you are versatile. Again, moods will help you here. You will know what the shoot will be about. Collect some moods for each set for each photoshoot you will do (with regards to posing). You will be inspired with what you can do with your body and likewise inspired with your facial expressions. To make them vary, as a model, you can practise your posing in front of a mirror, like actors or presenters do. But before posing, there are the facial expressions! Once you have these moods you can always get back to them and look at them and get even more. During test shoots and jobs, you will have outfit changes, sometimes even location changes. If you now have a plan in your head of how everything will go, and what the photographer expects from you within these looks as posing and facial expressions, the pictures will turn out better, more versatile, and stronger. For your first shoots, always look at moods and practise different emotions, angles, and facial expressions, which you will use during the real photoshoot.

Checklist for different facial expression:

  1. Put your head down, looking on the ground and then up and focus on the camera. Play with your lips.
  2. Like number 1, but one glance from left to right and camera.
  3. You can close your eyes and “feel”.
  4. Imagine you are kissing your friend, or eating the best pizza you ever had. You are standing on a mountain and breathing in fresh air. The “felt” emotions will help you!
  5. And know you can look “sweet“, or even “fragile“.
  6. The contrast to the usual, edgy, hard fashion expressions of many models in their first photoshoots.
  7. Sweet view and smile.
  8. But don’t forget: move your body and use a mix of different poses and expressions. You can always broaden your expression portfolio by training in front of the mirror.

Invest in good photographers

One day you will be perfect in hundreds of different expresions. Maybe after you have had ten or fifteen tests or jobs. And your expectations regarding test shoots and jobs will also increase. You earned your first money and can now choose, whether to spend the money or to invest it. If you earned your first money as model, you might want to think about investing your money into good photographers. Top photographers don’t do tests, like many top models. Therefore, models should invest at a certain stage in their career into better, newer pictures, polaroids and videos. You should always do this step first if you have already earned money as a model. The basis for new faces are great snaps. That’s it. With great polaroids you will make it into a great modeling agency and get good photographers and clients to work with you, and will be sent to castings in United States or worldwide.

Quest Author: Stephan M. Czaja / Cocaine Models (Head Booker) from ‘The Model Book’

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