Copenhagen: The Best Agencies in Denmark’s Capital

Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark and has, next to the beautiful city, also many very good model agencies to offer. If you want to become a model in Copenhagen, you should check out the listed agencies below, which are all working national and international and have good experience in fashion, commercial, editorials and more. If you get invited by one of those agencies, you might check our tips and tricks for your first go see in a model agency.


Le Management

Le Management opened their doors in 2010 and are now one of the biggest agency in Scandinavia with 9 divisions of models and a stylist- and makeup artist division. The take care of high fashion models for the international markets and also commercial models for the national and European market.

Unique Models

Unique Models was founded in 1989 and is one of Scandinavia strongest modeling agencies. Over the years it has grown really fast and now has over five divisions: unique, image, direct, development and unique creatives and also agency stylist and makeup artist division.

Scoop Models

Scoop Models was founded in 1993 in Paris and are now one of the worldwide strongest agencies with divisions from editorial, high fashion to commercial and new talents.

Heartbreak Models

Heartbreak Models is an agency which got headquarters in Copenhagen and Oslo. They got many different models in their divison.

2pm Management

2pm Management was founded in 1999 by Peter Damgaard. They got a women and a men division with many different characteristic models for the international and national market.

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