Serbia: The Best Agencies

Serbia Model Agencies – You want to become a model in Serbia? Check out the best agencies in cities like Belgrade and start your model career today. Everything you need to apply in an agency, they will tell you on the homepage but normaly the agency just wants some clean pictures of yourself without makeup or any beauty products, like fake nails, lashes or hair. If you want to know what agencies do for you and how they work, check the article about the behind the scene of an modeling agency.


Welcome to the world of fashion in Serbia! Known for its vibrant culture, rich history, and stunning landscapes, Serbia is also home to a thriving modeling industry. With a diverse array of model agencies spread across the country, Serbia offers a unique blend of local talent and international appeal. From high-fashion runways to commercial campaigns, Serbian model agencies represent a dynamic mix of styles and personalities, catering to the ever-evolving global fashion industry. Especially the capital Belgrade has lots of amazing agencies to offer.

Sigma Model Management

Sigma Model Management is one of the best agencies in Belgrade. They work with international partners all around the world. They are the mother agency of all their models and take care of potential development and its placement on the foreign market.

J’s Management

This agency is a leading agency in the capital of Serbia with clients such as Harper’s Bazar or Vouge. They are operating as a mother agency.

Fox Models

Fox Models is a big agency in Serbia with lots of models with experience and different styles. They have a huge portfolio, plus Fox Models have been on the cover of many different magazines.

Orea Model Management

Orea Model Management is not in Belgrade but in Novi Sad, a city close to Belgrade. They are  also a good agency with lots of experience and connections worldwide.

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