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Photography is a big topic. We don’t only see pictures in our everyday life, a big part is making them ourselves. But what makes a photographer great? It is defenitly the style, precision and mostly the love to show the beauty of models and fashion in great images. We collected a top list for you to get to see the Number 1 Photography talents and fashion photographers of the world. Go and check out who is on the list and which photographers are well know for being excellent at their job! Fashion, models and much more are shown in amazing images by these experts and photographers.

1 Top Fashion Photographer

Top Fashion Photographer

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Dan Smith Advertisment & Fashion Photography

Dan Smith is based in United Kingdom: London. From Elle UK to Harpers Bazaar – Dan Smith has photo hauls in big fashion magazines. On his instagarm he shows not only beauty and fashion shots, but also a variety of textures and landscapes or art photography.

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Jane Mcleish-Kelsey Photographer For Models & Fashion

Jane Mcleish-Kelsey is based in UK / London. Represented by A&R Creative, Jane shoot creative and artsy fashion shoots. For interviews she capures the vibes of the person that she is shooting perfectly, so that one can imagine the personality of the model very easily.

James Hickley Photographer For Models & Fashion

James Hickley is based in USA / Los Angeles. Stars like Nicole Scherzinger, 50 Cent and Paris Hilton are shown by James Hickley.

Mario Testino Photography

Mario Testino is based in UK: London. Stunning pictures and videos by Mario Testino are shot with celebrities like Maria Borges, Lily Aldrige.

Erez Sabag Advertisment & Fashion Photography

Erez Sabag is based in USA: New York – Film, Fashion, Beauty and Advertising Erez has a lot of great work to show. Check out his instagram if you need awesome beauty shooting inspirations.

Thomas Whiteside Photographer For Models & Fashion

Thomas Whiteside is based in the United States: New York, he works with fashion magazines and is also a videographer for capturing moments with fashion models or icons like Stella Maxwell.

Elisabeth Hoff Advertisment & Fashion Photographer

Elisabeth Hoff is based in UK: London. Pursuing her dream job she portraits celebrities or works as a director and photographer for big clients in the UK and abroad.

Vic Lentaigne Fashion Photographer

Vic Lentaigne is based in UK: London. If you are looking for edgy fashion and photography that captures more edgy and cool looks Kourosh is the photographer to get inspiration from.

Kourosh Sotoodeh Photographer

Kourosh Sotoodeh is based in USA: New York. He works for clients like fashion magazines Marie Claire, Harpers Bazaar, Elle and does very amazing covers or beauty editorails.

Sagar Manjarres Advertisment & Fashion Photography

Sagar Manjarres is based in the United States: Los Angeles and shows the beautiful beaches and models in the LA locations that make you dream.

Chantelle Dosser Photographer For Models & Fashion

Chantelle Dosser is based in UK and France / London/Paris. She is currently represented by the Art Board.

Wendelien Daan Fashion Photographer

Wendelien Daan is based in Netherlands: Amtserdam. She studied fashion and shows attractive women in various ways.

Paolo Simi Advertisment & Fashion Photography

Paolo Simi is based in Italy / Milano

Philipp Jelenska Photographer For Models & Fashion

Philipp Jelenska is based in Austria: Wien

Peter Edqvist Photographer

Peter Edqvist is based in Schweden / Stockholm

Luc Coiffait Photographer

Luc Coiffait is based in UK and United States: London/LA/NYC

Yugo Takahashi Fashion Photographer

Yugo Takahashi is based in Canada / Toronto

Blair Getz Mezibov Photographer

Blair Getz Mezibov is based in USA: New York

Vikram Pathak Advertisment & Fashion Photographer

Vikram Pathak is based in USA / New York

Rhian Cox Photographer For Models & Fashion

Rhian Cox is based in UK: London

Celcilie Harris Photographer

Celcilie Harris is based in United Kingdom: London

Jaqueline Puwalski Photographer

Jaqueline Puwalski is based in USA: Los Angeles

John Ng Photography

John Ng is based in USA: Chicago

Petra Ford Photographer For Models & Fashion

Petra Ford is based in USA: Chicago

Harrison Hillman Photography

Harrison Hillman is based in USA / Chicago

Remi & Kaisa Photographer For Models & Fashion

Remi & Kaisa is based in France: Paris

Vito Fernicola Photographer

Vito Fernicola is based in France / Paris

Maxim Gagarin Advertisment & Fashion Photographer

Maxim Gagarin is based in France: Paris

Horst Diekgerdes Photographer

Horst Diekgerdes is based in Swiss / Zurich

Eric Condette Photography

Eric Condette is based in Swiss: Zurich

Brett Kincaid Photographer

Brett Kincaid is based in USA: New York

Peter Coulson Photographer For Models & Fashion

Peter Coulson is based in Australia: Sydney

Alex Pott Photographer

Alex Pott is based in Australia: Melbourne

Ren Pidgeon Photography

Ren Pidgeon is based in Australia: Melbourne

Apela Bell Photographer For Models & Fashion

Apela Bell is based in New Zealand: Auckland

Yuri Catania Photography

Yuri Catania is based in the United States / New York

Ryan Michael Kelly Photographer For Models & Fashion

Ryan Michael Kelly is based in USA / New York

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