Fee – The payment of models and modeling agencies

Since modeling is a job there obviously is payment, as well. The model’s pay is also called fee and it’s part of the agency’s fee (see commission). The fee is hugely dependent on the type of job, the amount of material and their quality, and the expertise of the model. There are three levels of expertise: beginners, professionals, and supermodels. As a beginner model, also frequently called a new face model or just new face, you lack experience and have no photo or video material to present to the clients, so the model agency has to build up a suitable résumé and fill the empty look book. Therefore, test shoots are organized for the model, with the resulting photos the sedcard is build, the model gets invited to professional couchings. All these services don’t come for free obviously, so the agency has to understand the new face to be quite promising to invest so much from the start. The costs are set off against the model’s fee after the first few bookings. In consequence, the more experienced models whose image as a model is not only broadly known but also exclusive get a much higher fee, and the fee keeps growing with every successful premium job.