Crawford: Agency, Application & Review

Crawford Models was founded in 2017 and become one of the most important model agency around the world. The concept of this company is bringing management in an exclusive environment to enhance the opportunities of those represented. History of Crawford Models Crawford Models, formerly known as Eskimo, began in the mid-90s in Iceland, expanding its […]

Bella Agency: Agency, Application & Review

Bella Agency, established in 2004 in New York City, is a leading boutique agency. It represents models and talents for advertising. Next to New York, you can also find them in Los Angeles. History of Bella Agency The Bella Agency, formerly known as Eskimo, originated in Iceland in the mid-90s and expanded its scouting to […]

Titanium Management: Agency, Application & Review

Titanium is the top leading 360 degree talent management structure in the fashion industry. History of Titanium At Titanium Management, our foundation lies in the unbreakable bond akin to the strength of nature’s toughest metal – titanium – symbolizing the enduring connection between siblings. This forms the cornerstone of our agency. As the leading 360-degree […]

MGM Models: Agency, Application & Review

All models, influencers and celebrities are in good hands with MGM Models. History of MGM Models MGM Models, founded in 1992 by Michael Gleissner in Munich, Germany, has a storied history in the modeling industry. Initially focused on fashion models, the agency expanded its reach to include commercial modeling, fitness, influencers, and celebrities. With offices […]

Eskimo: Agency, Application & Review

All of Eskimo, wherever they are, whatever they do, want their agency to be an exciting and rewarding place to be. History of Eskimo Le Bureau, formerly known as Eskimo, began in Iceland in the mid-90s before expanding its scouting efforts to Siberia and later Slovakia and Brazil. With a strategic investment in Bohemia Model […]

Fever Model Management: Agency, Application & Review

Fever Model Management is a specialized agency located in the heart of Paris, but naturally attuned to the rest of the world. History of Fever Model Management Fever Model Management, established in the early 2000s, redefined modeling by championing diversity and inclusivity. With a keen eye for talent, they’ve nurtured models of various backgrounds, embracing […]

Mademoiselle Models: Agency, Application & Review

Mademoiselle is a people’s agency. Their models do many shootings, and are campaigning with Armani, Lancôme, L’Oréal and Elle. They are also frequently seen in editorials and on catwalks worldwide. History of Mademoiselle Mademoiselle Agency, founded with a vision for diversity and inclusivity in fashion and entertainment, has a storied history of reshaping industry norms. […]

Metro Model Management: Agency, Application & Review

Metro Model Management shows a strong online presence on Instagram and their website. They are a professional modeling agency with a lot of cover shoots, and international models in their portfolio, too. History of Metro Model Management Metro Model Management, founded by David Ratmoko, emerged as a pioneering force in the fashion industry. Established with […]

The Face Models: Agency, Application & Review

The Face Models is placed next to the Fontaine Louvois. They have models with different looks and an extra category for New Faces. Famous labels cooperate with the agency. Some of the models already represented fashion from Givenchy or had a cover shooting for Harper’s Bazaar. History of The Face Models The Face Models agency […]

Girl Mgmt: Agency, Application & Review

Girl Management has to offer lots of talented, experienced models who have already been on the covers of Vogue and ELLE or advertisements of Balenciaga. They are also focusing a lot on diversity. History of Girl Mgmt “Girl Management” emerged as a trailblazing agency in the fashion and talent industry, founded on the principles of […]