Where to find the best Agencies in Seattle

You think about becoming a model in Seattle? Seattle is not the worst place to start your model career. It is the largest city in Washington and got a couple of agencies which work with great models and clients, to bring you on the covers of the best magazines and on the runway of designers like Tom Ford, Michael Kors or Karl Lagerfeld.
Of course, even if you want to stay in Seattle, you should be willing to travel, since many model jobs take place in Miami, New York, Los Angeles or even more far away. Flexibility is a must-have. You should motivate teams and photographers to get the most out of each project. Young talents adapt to different circumstances. The ever-demanded agency of the real power in creativity and planning is however only available with first-class management. Model, product and location! Every single part has to sit perfectly, so you and your team will achieve your desired result with them!

If you are invited to one of those agencies, check out our “Gosee/ Casting Checklist“.

Models in Seattle for Fashion Shows, Shootings as well as Campaigns

Here you can find our ranking with the top model agency in Seattle. See the top modeling agencies in Seattle, WA (USA) here:

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SMG Management

SMG was established in 1978 by Joanne Meyers. SMG’s motto is, that each talent is unique and their task is to embrace their talent’s personality, individual strengths, and aspirations to create endless opportunities and get good jobs.

TCM Models and Talents

TCM was established in 1979 and is a TCM model and talent agency. It is a major industry presence in the Pacific Northwest. They have a selected roster of high quality models and talents.

Heffner Management

Heffner Management is one of the largest and most successful agencies on the west coast. It was built in 1984 and is known for their heavy promotion of their wide range of models. They work with many brands like Gap, Converse, Levi, Izod, Target or Nordstrom.

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