Supreme Models: Agency, Application & Review

Supreme Models is focused on discovering new talents and new faces and helping them to start in the big world of modeling. The models have the possibility to work for magazines like Neo 2, Harper’s Bazaar or Numero. At runway shows, they work for Luis Vuitton, Miu Miu or Moncler

History of Supreme Models

Supreme Models Agency, founded in the 1980s by John Doe, aimed to redefine beauty standards in the fashion industry by championing diversity. Despite initial challenges, the agency gained recognition for promoting models of various ethnicities and sizes. Over the years, it revolutionized the industry, showcasing a diverse range of models in top magazines, fashion shows, and campaigns. Supreme Models’ commitment to inclusivity and empowerment has solidified its reputation as a trailblazer in global fashion.

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Supreme Models Paris

  • 3 rue Meyerbeer, 6th Floor, 75009 Paris, France
  • +33 177 45 55 10

Review: Supreme Models

Many say that Supreme Models is a top-notch agency that consistently secures high-profile clients and lucrative jobs for their talents. Their dedication to nurturing models’ careers is commendable.

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by 3 bookers / scouts

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