Cologne: The Best Agencies

Cologne the million metropolia in the west of Germany might get the right agency for you. Many agencies work with clients who got their production in town so it is a great place to start even if you are 15, 16, 17 and still go to school. While finish school you can work on your book slowly so when you finished school you already have a full book and can get jobs national as well as international. If you want to start modeling in cologne, of course, you need to have the right measurements but you can tell it is not as strict as in Paris or London. The model industry in Germany is a bit more commercial and not that focused on fashion models.

Do you like to become a model in Cologne? Maybe you also like to take a look at these cities nearby like Berlin (Germany) or Paris (France).

Moving to Cologne?

In addition to the best model agencies, we also have some tips for real estate agents to find the perfekt apartment or house in Cologne. If you are planning to move to Cologne, these agents will help you find a nice apartment in Cologne.

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Tomorrow Is Another Day

Tomorrow is Another Day is a full-service modeling agency founded by Eva Gödel since 2010. The Agency is known for scouting new extraordinary talents on the streets worldwide, especially boys. Tomorrow Is Another Day is working with international high fashion clients and made it one of the leading male model agencies for editorial, advertising and runway.

CM Models

CM Models is a full-service agency for 16 and older boys and girls. They work with international clients and connect models with magazines, advertising, designers, and runway.

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