Fashion Photographers Chicago – Photographic Inspiration next to Lake Michigan

Chicago one of the biggest cities in the United States of America. Chicago is not only known for it’s beautiful architekture and a great skyline but also for museum and art. If you are looking for photography inspiration

Chicago is the place for you! Go and explore our list of the top photographers of Chicago, to get some feelings on what to expect and look for in the City next to Lake Michigan.

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John Ng Photography

John Ng is based in USA: Chicago and i s a fashion, portrait and commercial photographer. He works worldwide and has been shooting since he “borrowed” his fathers camera as a child.

Petra Ford Photographer For Models and Bridal Fashion

Petra Ford is based in USA: Chicago. Sharing her time between La, Chicago and London she is a fashion and street photographer and also shoots bridal fashion.

Harrison Hillman Photography

Harrison Hillman is based in USA / Chicago. Harrison Hillman is a fashion photographer known for his sense of precision and unique artistic style.