Los Angeles photography: Hollywood meets fashion, beauty and advertisment

Los Angeles, the Place where Hollywood, Stars and Sun unite. The perfect place to be a Photographer, since you always have more chances at being a Paparazzi or just having beautiful Shootings at diverse places. No matter if the beach, an amazing hiking view or the city

– Los Angeles is the city to combine possibilities with talent and explore the world of photography more. Take a look at the top photographers of LA! Click here if you like to see the top modeling agencies of Los Angeles.

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Pascal André Heimlicher

Pascal André Heimlicher is based in USA / Los Angeles. C (Cover), E (Editorial) and I (Interview) – The list on Pascals website of the jobs and shootings he had is very long and includes Partners and Projects like Maybach, H&M and Vogue Italy.

James Hickley

James Hickley is based in USA / Los Angeles. He has not only a great studio, that is with interesting shapes and architecture, he also does Shootings for Fashion Brand Zara or celebrity shootings with stars like Queen Latifah or singers and actors.

Tristan Kallas

Tristan Kallas is based in USA: Los Angeles. Specialized in fashion, commercial and editorial photography.

Michael Round

Michael Round is based in the United States / Los Angeles. Behind the photography is a team that specializes in commercial photo and videography. Michael Round is the head / lead photographer and director of the Michael Round Brand.

Jaqueline Puwalski

Jaqueline Puwalski is based in USA: Los Angeles. She is an Environmental activist and advocate for diversity in fashion. On her site she presents herself as constantly trying to affect change and I’ve always been a bit outside the confines of a clear title.