Fashion photographer Melbourne: art, diversity and creativity

Art plays an important role in the City of Melbourne: Diversity, energy and creativity are top qualities of the cultural and global reputation of Melbourne. Which is also the top to look out for Photographers of fashion, editorial and more! See our list of Melbournes Photographers.

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Nicole Corbett Advertisment & Fashion Photography

Nicole Corbett is based in Australia: Sydney / Melbourne. Nicole is also shooting model and acting portfolios for women and men across all ages, weddings, events and food.

Robert Coppa Photographer For Models & Fashion

Robert Coppa is based in Australia / Sydney / Melbourne, Award winning fashion photographer. He also shoots Fashion, Bridal, Advertising, Portraiture, Fitness and Beauty & Glamour.

Carmen Rose Photographer

Carmen Rose is based in Australia: Sydney / Melbourne. She has publications in more than 40 Magazines and works also in video and retouching.

Jess LaFrankie Advertisment & Fashion Photographer

Jess LaFrankie is based in Australia / Melbourne. She is a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, has been working in the fashion industry and developed a style and technique in the middle ground of art and advertising that has bought her many of Australia’s clients and publications.

Alex Pott Photographer

Alex Pott is based in Australia: Melbourne. he does also food, cosmetic, commercial and people / celebrity photography.

Ren Pidgeon Photography

Ren Pidgeon is based in Australia: Melbourne. he is represented by DML and currently based in Australia as a fashion and commercial photographer.