Australia: the most amazing fashion photographers

Australia the always sunny and warm place “down under”. From surfing and ice cream to baristas and coffee – Australia has some of the most beautiful people kissed by the sun modelling in stunning landscapes and beaches. Check out the top list of photographers for fashion, commercial and more of Australia down below!

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Tane Coffin Fashion Photographer

Tane Coffin is based in Australia: Sydney she photographs women and men, also does Beauty Shootings with great colors making the viewer fell warm and sunny.

Ben Scott Photographer For Models & Fashion

Ben Scott is based in Australia: Sydney. About himself n his website you can read the passion he shows in photography in sentences like this: I learned early on what a top photographer needs to succeed. They need passion,expertise, dedication, and an open minded, creative attitude.

Kiren Le Flâneur Photographer

Kiren Le Flâneur is based in Australia / Sydney. Kiren graduated from the University of NSW Art & Design where he studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Photography. Ranked as an industry A grade, he began his photography career by on feature films and more for the Sydney Opera House.

Sarah Fountain Advertisment & Fashion Photographer

Sarah Fountain is based in Australia: Sydney. She shoots these topics: Fashion, Swim, Commercial, Beauty, Hair, Lifestyle, Editorial, Advertising Lookbooks, and Digital and Social Content.

Simon Upton Photographer

Simon Upton is based in Australia / Sydney

George Favios Photography

George Favios is based in Australia: Sydney focussing on beauty, jewellery and fashion campaigns.

Peter Coulson Photographer For Models & Fashion

Peter Coulson is based in Australia: Sydney

Nicole Beach from Peter Coulson on Vimeo.

Christian Blanchard Photographer

Christian Blanchard is based in Australia: Sydney

Damian Bennett Fashion Photographer

Damian Bennett is based in Australia / Sydney

Nicole Corbett Advertisment & Fashion Photography

Nicole Corbett is based in Australia: Sydney / Melbourne

Robert Coppa Photographer For Models & Fashion

Robert Coppa is based in Australia / Sydney / Melbourne

Carmen Rose Photographer

Carmen Rose is based in Australia: Sydney / Melbourne


Jess LaFrankie Advertisment & Fashion Photographer

Jess LaFrankie is based in Australia / Melbourne

Alex Pott Photographer

Alex Pott is based in Australia: Melbourne

Ren Pidgeon Photography

Ren Pidgeon is based in Australia: Melbourne

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