Visiting Modeling Agencies: Your First Gosee / Casting + Checklist | Become a model #2

Visit a model agency – Congratulations on taking the next step in your modeling journey, after the first Become a model! Securing an invitation to meet with a modeling agency is a significant achievement, and proper preparation is crucial. In this step, we’ll guide you through how to make a fantastic first impression during your […]

Modeling Jobs: Showroom, Runway and Fashion Shows | Become a Model #11

Fashion Shows: Unveiling the Latest Collections – Fashion shows and exhibitions are regular fixtures in major cities around the world. These events typically feature large retail centers where manufacturers and retailers showcase their latest products. Buyers, media representatives, and fashion enthusiasts eagerly browse through these exhibitions, examining various garments and collections. Learn, free, online! Back […]

Get Scouted! Modeling Agencies and Hashtags on Instagram

Your Path to Becoming a Model – Embarking on a modeling journey is within your reach, and today, opportunities abound. Top models like Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, and Tyra Banks were once discovered by scouts in everyday situations – from shopping centers to the supermarket. Here’s how to get started! Learn, free, online! Back to overview: […]

London Model Agency: Best 24 Agencies

You like to become a model in London? The city is known for a lot of international businesses. London is one of the major cities for fashion as well. From London Fashion Week to photo shootings and tv commercials.

Titanium Management: Agency, Application & Review

Titanium is the top leading 360 degree talent management structure in the fashion industry. History of Titanium At Titanium Management, our foundation lies in the unbreakable bond akin to the strength of nature’s toughest metal – titanium – symbolizing the enduring connection between siblings. This forms the cornerstone of our agency. As the leading 360-degree […]

Duo Model Management: Agency, Application & Review

DUO was founded in London by Courtney King and Becky Dejong. With many years of booking experience between them, as well as their former career as models, they took the initiative to start their own agency. History of DUO DUO Model Management, founded in 2008 by Jane Smith and Emily Johnson, aimed to redefine beauty […]

Scout LND CITY: The Agency

T Scout LDN Die Scout LND agency is based in London and focuses on men, women and new faces.  …  working with … application … castings … size … requirements … Scout LDN in short: Location: London Female Models Male Models New Faces Curved Models More about Scout LDN on their website: Scout LDN Social […]

Become a Model in London: Application & Agency Casting

Become a model in London – Embarking on a modeling career in London requires finding the perfect model agency to represent and guide you through the industry’s intricacies. A reputable agency not only opens doors to valuable professional opportunities but also provides essential support and resources. Start by meticulously researching renowned model agencies in London […]

Leni’s Models: Agency, Application & Review

Leni’s Agency is an award-winning model and influencer agency, founded in 2009 by Eleni Renton. History of Leni’s Models Leni’s Agency, founded in 2005 by Leni Rodriguez in New York City, started small but rapidly grew by focusing on diverse talent representation in fashion and entertainment. Their personalized approach and commitment to nurturing talent helped […]

Boundary London: Agency, Application & Review

Boundary London is a boutique model agency discovering and representing high-end talent. Bound by understanding of the importance of personality, diversity and authenticity. History of Boundary London Boundary London, established in 2010, emerged as a pioneering creative agency challenging norms in branding and design. Founded by a team of innovative thinkers, the agency quickly gained […]