Romania: Modeling Agencies in Different Cities

Romania is a state located in Southeastern Europe. Southeastern countries in Europe a famous for the huge amount of people with the right requirements for fashion models. If you want to become a model in Romania, there are many agencies who also work international and helps you become a model who works in countries like UK, France, Germany, Italy or even U.S.A. If you got invited by one of those agencies, you should be prepared for your first gosee, here we got some tips and tricks for your first meeting with a modeling agency in Bucharest.

Best Agencies in Romania for commercial, high fashion and more

MRA Models

MRA is a full-service model agency in Romania’s capital city Bucharest. They have a men and a women division.

One Models

One Models Agency was founded in 1999 and is one of the top agencies in Romania. They found faces like Cornelia Tat, Anca Tiribeja or Alexandra Timo. One Models represents 40 selected models worldwide.

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