Portugal Model Agency: Start Your Modeling Career in Lisbon

Portugal Model Agency – Portugal is a state in Europe and has next to a beach and beautiful landscapes also some nice agencies. If you want to start your model career in Portugal, you need the same requirements like in other cities or countries but the market is not as big as in Paris or London, so you might have a better chance to find agencies here, work on your book and then start your international model business. The best agencies are in Lisbon, have a look on the list below.

Best Agencies in Portugal for Commercial, High Fashion and more

Welcome to Portugal, a stunning country known for its beautiful landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture. In addition to its natural beauty, Portugal is also home to a thriving fashion industry, with an array of renowned model agencies that cater to the local and international markets. These agencies represent a diverse range of talent, from established models to emerging faces, and play a pivotal role in shaping the fashion scene in Portugal and beyond. With their professional expertise and dedication to excellence, Portugal’s model agencies are at the forefront of the country’s dynamic fashion landscape, making their mark in the global fashion industry.

Elite Lisbon

Elite is a well-known agency all over the world, they got headquarters in very important metropole all over the globe and work with the most famous models worldwide.

NXT Management

NXT Management is a model and acting agency and got a bog roaster of different ethnicities and types for men and women worldwide.


They have been in the market for more than three decades and are dedicated to managing people in 4 different areas: Models, Talents, Commercial and Kids. L’Agence is proud to be the oldest and most experienced agency for models, actors and presenters in Portugal.

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