Rotterdam: The 2 Best Agencies for Men And Women

Rotterdam is a city in South Holland and is one of the most famous cities next to Amsterdam. In Rotterdam you will find some good model agencies but even though you should also check agencies in cities which are close to having the opportunity, to experience a bigger market and get more clients and jobs. Most of the good agencies will take care of your placements in other countries, but if not don’t fear to check other countries too. As a model you will travel, no matter in which country your agency is.

Top Model Agencies for Editorials, Shootings or Catwalk

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Map Rotterdam

Visit one of these beautiful parks in Rotterdam

Max Models

Max Models was started in 1990, in the city of Rotterdam. It offers service, nationally and internationally. They got 3 different divisions: Women, Men and Special Max.

Male Models Netherlands

As the name, Male Models, say Male Models Netherlands only takes care of Men in and outside the Netherlands. They help you build your portfolio and fill your book with pictures, to gurantee you good jobs, national and international.

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