Modeling Jobs: Beauty Models | Become a model #10

Beauty models will work regularly for cosmetic and skincare lines within the healthcare segment. Therefore, it is important for them to take good care of their face and body and to nurture it.
Perfect skin, full and shiny hair, perfect figure. Those are the requirements if you want to start as beauty and wellness model. Without these key requirements, not matter how beautiful your face is, or how bright your eyes shine, or how tight your legs are, you won’t stand a chance. Those are the highest priorities and optimal basis for beauty models. The right skincare, beauty routine for hands, feet and hair. Later we will give you some tips as well.

Hand and hair models will be booked as well. Hand models are quite important in advertisement for nailcare or for TV commercials and images for products, which may be used by hands, like the use of smartphones or drinking a cup of cappuccino. You will find hair models mostly in TV commercials, online, prints and other advertising campaigns for haircare products and hairdressers. Many of models that apply want to become hand and hair models, but that alone is not enough to become a successful model. Everybody is mainly looking for the “entire package“. Usual models are booked for these kind of jobs, that have beautiful hands, full and natural hair. It is kind of similar to fitness and sports models. Here also models who look very fit and do sports are booked.

Quest Author: Stephan M. Czaja / Cocaine Models (Head Booker) from ‘The Model Book’

Help and tips for young models

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  10. Jobs: Beauty Models
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Fashion photographers of Vienna: Most hottest photography artists in Austria

The captital city of Austria is the city of Mozart, Beethoven and known for it’s castles and know for the high quality of ife. It is a perfect dream place to maybe start a photoshooting or plan a campaing. Read more

Fashion Photographer Hamburg: Fashion, Beauty, Editorials and more

Hamburg is a place that all people that visit it, fall in love with. The cities has a charming vibe from the waters and beautiful places to fashion bloggers and influencers it offers al lot.We collected some inspirational and suprising cool photographers of Hamburg, if you want to see photographers from other places around the world go check here: Photographers from USA.

Reno Mezger Photographer For Models & Fashion

Reno Mezger is based in Germany / Hamburg. Reno Mezger worked as an art director for advertising and design agencies currently he works on A Celebration of Man. A collectible fine art photography book and gallery exhibition, in collaboration with Leica Fotografie International.

Marco Rothenburger Photography

Marco Rothenburger is based in Germany :Hamburg, he shoots beauty, lingerie and fashion editorials with stunningly beautiful models.

Muriel Liebman Photographer For Models & Fashion

Muriel Liebman is based in Germany / Hamburg. 81 hours, AboutYou, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and People magazine are just a few of Muriel Liebman’s clients.

Jonas Huckstorf Photographer

Jonas Huckstorf is based in Germany :Hamburg

Sevda Albers Fashion Photographer

Sevda Albers is based in Germany / Hamburg

Anita Bresser Advertisment & Fashion Photography

Anita Bresser is based in Germany :Hamburg

Auckland: Top 3 Agencies

You want to become a model with 14, 15, 16 or older? Today we took a look on Auckland. Models can motivate teams and photographers to get the best from them. Models, also new faces can adapt to different challenges. From the catwalk for Stardesigner to the shooting for online shops, for the fitting for a fashion show. No detail may be neglected by the model! Every single part should be perfect so that you can reach your desired result with your team. The highest level of leadership required in one’s own creativity and organization can only be obtained from the executing model if her agency can build models for her or her job through the professional agency management of her agency. There are a few agencies in Auckland but if you want to become internationally successful, you should also check agencies in Australia or other countries.

Best Agencies for Commercial and High Fashion Models in Auckland

Do you like to become a model in Auckland? Maybe you also like to take a look at these cities: London (UK) or Paris (France).

KAM Models & Talents

Kam Talent Studios was established in 1999 by Kim Tian, and has built up a strong reputation within the NZ Film and TV industry.

Red Eleven Models

Red Eleven works with many brands in New Zealand and also International.

62 Models

62 Models is currently New Zealand’s premier modeling agency boutique. It was founded in the mid 90’s and has gained strong local and global connections till today. Because of their professional experience they have the possibility to manage each model individually and the best they can.

  • 62 Models
  • 62 Models Instagram 
  • Unit C1, St Johns Building 1 Beresford Square, Newton Auckland, 1010 New Zealand
  • Tel. +64 9 377 6262

Frankfurt: The Top Five Agencies for Modelling

If you live in Frankfurt and want to become a model you should also think about applying in agencies in other cities like Berlin or Hamburg. Stuttgart does not have many professional and international working modeling agencies but also here you need to have the right measurements to work in the German or international marker. 90-60-90 is a standard in the modeling agencies, your measurements should be around that as a woman and your height should be around 1,75 and 1.83. As a man, the height starts at 1,85 and measurements depends on the body type but you should not be too skinny or muscular.

East West Models

EastWest Models is a model agency which was founded 1989 in Frankfurt and work with international models, clients, magazines, fashion & cosmetic brands.

Cream Model Management

Cream Model Management is a full-service modeling agency for girls, women and men in Frankfurt. They work with clients all over the world and their models got magazine covers for like Marie Claire.

Amaze Models

One of the manager is Nadija Timmermann who has lots of experience because she worked by herself  as a model since her adolescence. They have proffesional models with global experience. They scout local and international to present different styles and faces.

Making Of: Amaze Model Anjali Bode by Photographer Rudolf Leipold

Rock’ ON  Model Management

Manager Antonio Montani founded Rock’ON Model Management in Hong Kong and moved to Wiesbaden, Germany. Rock’ON Model Management is a established and worldwide knowing fashion company. The agency represents female and male fashion and commercial models.

Photo shooting with Rock’ ON Models Lara Ta & Mo Idrisou in Frankfurt, Germany

La Agency

La Agency ruled by Laila Chudzikiewicz who has many experience as model by herself is a Frankfurt based Model Management for commercial, catwalk and photo models for every event. Their models and promoters get an intensive training in their jobs.

Check other agencies in Germany.

Munich: The Best Agencies in Town

Munich the best place to start modeling in the south. The million metropoles got agencies like Louisa Models which are well known for supporting new faces to the fullest and take care of their models to help them start an international modeling career. If you want to become a model with 14,15,16,17, and over in Munich check our listed agencies below and get invited to a go see. If you want to know what happens behind the scenes, check our blog post and be prepared for the model world.

Do you like to become a model in Munich? Maybe you also like to take a look at these cities nearby like Hamburg and Milan.

Munich Models

Munich Models was founded in 1992 by Susanne Maushake and now works with the German market and abroad. They represent more than 500 female models and also famous faces like Candice Swanepoel or Luisa Hartema.

Louisa Models

Louisa Models was founded in 1981 by Louisa Minckwitz in Munich. 1990 she opened a second office in Hamburg. They work with national female and male models and are one of the most successful and known agencies in Europe.

Talents Models

Talents Models is a modeling agency for female and male in Munich. They are a full agency with a mixed board.

Major München

Major Models is a leading model agency with offices in Milan, New York, Paris, Munich, and Miami. They got a woman and a men’s division with many different and extraordinary faces.

PS Models

PS Models is a model agency which was founded by Peter Sperlich in 1990 and now works internationally.

PARS Management

Pars was founded by Peyman Amin who is most famous for being a judge in the German Tv Show “Germanys Next Topmodel” and moderator of “The Model WG” He was the head of the commercial section of IMG Models in Paris and took care of models like Hedi Klum or Naomi Campbell. 2011 he decided to found his own modeling agency: Pars Models.

Viviènne Model Management

Vivienne Models Management was founded in 2004 and is nowadays an internationally fully establishes modeling agency for talents and new faces.

Check out other modeling agencies in Germany!


Belgrade: The 4 Best Agencies

If you like to become a model in Belgrade, you can already prepare yourself to travel a lot. Most of the Read more

Slovak Republic: The Best Modeling Agencies

If you want to become a model in the Slovak Republic, you should be prepared to travel a lot because many agencies in cities Read more

Stockholm fashion & advertisment photography: Recommendations for Swedens capital

Sweden and Stockholm with the beautiful models are amazing for searching for models. Go check out the top Photography from there down below or the top photographers from Germany and let us know what you think!

Do you like to become a model? Find your perfect modeling agency in Stockholm.

Tobias Björkgren Fashion & Commercial Photography

Peter Edqvist Photographer

Peter Edqvist is based in Schweden / Stockholm. He has worked with  some clients like Depend Cosmetics, Gina Tricot, Björn Borg, Indiska, Grandpa,  Antula, Metro, Stockholm Fashion week.

Riga: The best Agencies for modelling

Do you want to become a model in Riga? Riga is the capital city of Latvia and got a few good modeling agencies, for your start in the fashion industry. As a fashion model you should be 100% motivated, the model in the main character at every shooting or catwalk show. You should motivate teams and be focused and flexible, that is important, due to the fact that models travel a lot and you never know which jobs come tomorrow. Also, you should be very passionate about your job, even if you traveled for 10 hours and got a job directly after you arrived, the team should not recognize that you are tired, always give 100 percent and you will get booked again.

Do you like to become a model in Riga? Maybe you also like to take a look at other cities nearby like Warsaw (Poland).

Natalie Models

Natalie Models is a full-service modeling agency for women only.

Freyja Models

Freyja Modeling Agency was founded in 2012 by Svetlana Kiselyova and Alexander Kiselyov. Svetlana workes in the fashion industry for over 15 years and Alexander is very experienced in teaching, directing and choreography. Freyja’s models are highly represented at the riga fashion week and in styling magazines.

Moon Models

Moon Models is a modeling agency based in Riga. It was founded by Katrina and Zane, who are both in the modeling industry since 2004. They work only as a mother agency for fashion models. They discover new faces and prepare them for the fashion world.

Dandy Model Management

Dandy Model Management is a 2003 founded agency based in Riga. The agency works with big brands like Lacoste and Moschino.

If you want to see more agencies, check out other cities in Latvia or go back to Europe.