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Celebrity Couples: Justin Bieber, Zendaya & Rihanna

Celebrity Couples – In Hollywood sometimes it seems like the best celebrity couples never last, but we have a feeling some of these duos are in it for the long haul. Here are all the biggest celebrity couples who got together. In this articel we show you some well-known and new couples, like Justin and […]

Hailey Bieber: Model, Interview & Justin Bieber

Hailey Bieber – She is an american model and the wife of singer justin bieber. Hailey Bieber comes from a prominent Hollywood family: Hailey Bieber’s father is actor Stephen Baldwin, and she is also the niece of his actor brother Alec Baldwin. In this video you get to know more about the model. Mac and […]

Hailey Bieber for Jimmy Choo

Hailey Bieber – Hailey Bieber is no stranger to being a standout model in bold campaigns, and that’s why when luxury footwear brand Jimmy Choo released photos of Bieber as the face of their Autumn 2021 campaign, the fashion world and internet blew up with excitement and anticipation for the new line of handbags and […]

Daniel Wellington: Iconic Watches, Ring & Bracelet

Daniel Wellington – Daniel Wellington is a Swedish company. Since selling the first timepiece in 2011, Daniel Wellington has evolved into a global phenomenon who has disrupted an entire industry. The brand sells watches and jewelry for woman and men in a simple and minimalistic style. In the article you find more about Daniel Wellingtons […]

Hair Routine: Wavy Hair with Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber – Celebrity daughter, model, moderator and Justin Bieber wife, shows her pretty hair look for a night out. Hailey loves to style her hair in these losse, messy waves. Wavy Hair for A Night Out You love the look? Than recreate the look!

Dressing Up Met Gala: Justin & Hailey Bieber Interview

Justin & Hailey Bieber – A love story. Countless performances, recordings, but also some scandals and crashes later, Justin finally found his absolute dream woman in Hailey and came to rest. After more than two years in the marital harbor, the two are solid anchors for each other. No leaf fits between the cuddly dream […]