Metaverse Fashion Week Enters the Second Round

In spring 2023, Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW) will enter its second round. Next year, the Web3 revolution will show what fashion looks like in the virtual world. It’s participating in the first CFDA-approved fashion week, which joins MVFW. Find out what this will look like, what to expect and what’s new here!

Metaverse Fashion Week 2023

Today Decentralland, the largest virtual social world, announced the return of Metaverse Fashion Week. This will take place from March 28 to 31, 2023 and will showcase spring/summer fashion. UNXD, an organized marketplace for digital luxury and culture, and Decentralland aim to introduce the community to the latest developments in digital fashion and interoperability. The theme ‘Future Heritage’ aims to bring together the next generation of creatives and classic fashion designers, expressing the potential of fashion.

What can you expect?

As the CFDA’s first recognized fashion week, Miami Fashion Week will participate during MVFW with special activations on the rooftop of MIAFW’s L’Atelier in The Luxury Fashion District. Consortium Phygicode will bring partners and brands to this alignment. Threedium will enable brands to create a networked commerce structure for the development of customized wearables and AR experiences. Boson aims to enable brands to sell items, physical and phygital, as NFTs.

DRESSX is an official partner of MVFW, supporting brands that want to learn about its AR components. David Cash and his team will also return to showcase established fashion brands, as well as new designers in Decentral Land. In addition to Cash, Dezentralland is also looking to support creatives and is also building an advisory board of curators. But we don’t want to give too much away!

What’s new?

Dencentralland offers brands self-service tools to create wearables and emotes, and allows land to be “rented” to make it easier for them to participate and build the metaverse. Luxury fashion houses are showcased through the Luxury Fashion District. But what all can you experience there?

The program includes runway shows, immersive 3D/AR experiences, pop up stores, exclusive wearable collections, as well as the launch of the first physical fashion week in the Metaverse and last but not least a closing event. New to the schedule is MVFW Neo. This will support and celebrate digital designers. It will also introduce the first official MVFM Supermodel. And there will be a runway show with Barth. Barth is the winner of the second season of “The Hype” on HBO Max.


Metaverse Fashion Week 2022

Over 108,000 people explored digital fashion at the most important digital fashion event at the last MVFW. Luxury brands, such as Tommy Hilfiger, Paco Rabanne and Dolce & Gabbana, showed with their visions what digital fashion looks like and gave an insight into the development of the new industry.