Marc Cain “How Wonderful” @ Fashion Week: Next level of fashion shows – VR as future?

As FIV Magazine reported today, this show in Berlin Germany could be the future of fashion. This show is virutal reality, at a totally new level! You maybe know Lil’ Miquela, the world’s first virtual influencer / model / human? Haha. This is a totally new world. Today is a new premiere, which will influence the new 20s and the fashion world (Agency and production CM Models / Zoe 101). Be sure to tune in and don’t miss this unprecedented fashion show with virtual models of Marc Cain.

Fashion Week Live Stream: VR show by Marc Cain

This year something new is coming to the screens. Marc Cain‘s fashion show 2021 titled “How Wonderful” is completely upside down. Fiction and reality meet and create something completely new. The first on the market with virtual model, which will start on January 19 at 18:00. Watch it here, live and in review.

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