Frankfurt: The Top Five Agencies for Modelling

If you live in Frankfurt and want to become a model you should also think about applying in agencies in other cities like Berlin or Hamburg. Stuttgart does not have many professional and international working modeling agencies but also here you need to have the right measurements to work in the German or international marker. 90-60-90 is a standard in the modeling agencies, your measurements should be around that as a woman and your height should be around 1,75 and 1.83. As a man, the height starts at 1,85 and measurements depends on the body type but you should not be too skinny or muscular.

East West Models

EastWest Models is a model agency which was founded 1989 in Frankfurt and work with international models, clients, magazines, fashion & cosmetic brands.

Cream Model Management

Cream Model Management is a full-service modeling agency for girls, women and men in Frankfurt. They work with clients all over the world and their models got magazine covers for like Marie Claire.

Amaze Models

One of the manager is Nadija Timmermann who has lots of experience because she worked by herself  as a model since her adolescence. They have proffesional models with global experience. They scout local and international to present different styles and faces.

Making Of: Amaze Model Anjali Bode by Photographer Rudolf Leipold

Rock’ ON  Model Management

Manager Antonio Montani founded Rock’ON Model Management in Hong Kong and moved to Wiesbaden, Germany. Rock’ON Model Management is a established and worldwide knowing fashion company. The agency represents female and male fashion and commercial models.

Photo shooting with Rock’ ON Models Lara Ta & Mo Idrisou in Frankfurt, Germany

La Agency

La Agency ruled by Laila Chudzikiewicz who has many experience as model by herself is a Frankfurt based Model Management for commercial, catwalk and photo models for every event. Their models and promoters get an intensive training in their jobs.

Check other agencies in Germany.

Warsaw: 11 Agencies to Start Your Modeling Career

Warsaw is the capital city of Poland and got many agencies, with high fashion and commercial models. If you want to become a model in Poland you should, of course, have the requirements, polish models are often very popular for high fashion shootings and catwalks. If you are invited for a gosee, check our tips and tricks for your first casting.

Best Agencies in Warsaw for Modeling

Do you like to become a model in Warsaw? Maybe you also like to take a look at these cities nearby like Prague (Czech Republic).

Model Plus

Model Plus was founded in 1995 by Dariusz Kumosa and is one of the most renowned agencies in Poland.

Divison Model Management

Divison Model Management is a full-service agency with a women, men and talent division. They work with national and international clients and models.

Avant Models

Avant Models was founded in 2005 by Gosia Leitner and represented icons like Gosia Leitner. It is one of the most renowned agencies in Poland. They teamed up with the worldwide famous talent show “Polands Next Topmodel”, the winners get a contract with Avant Models.

Wave Models

Wave Models is a boutique model agency which started in 2008 in Warsaw. They are very selective but are always looking for new faces, to place them in the national and international market.

AS Mangement

AS Managment is a full-service agency which represents strictly selected male and female Models from Poland and abroad. They work with agencies and clients in Paris, Milan, New York, London, Tokyo And Beijing

New Age Models

New Age Models was established in 2004 and focused since then on the personal development of their models. They work with top modeling agencies worldwide .

OMG Model Management

OMG Model Management is a full-service agency with offices in Moscow, Warsaw, Budapest, Amsterdam and Los Angeles. They have a women division in 3 categories, main, new generation and classic.

United For Models

United for Models is a full-service agency for women and men.

Specto Models

Specto Models was founded in 2013 and is now one of the strongest developing agencies in the Warsaw area. They represent fashion and commercial models.

Mango Models

Mango Models was founded in 2000 by Monika Sowinska and is now one of the most popular agencies in Poland. They work with brands like Dior, Yves Saint Laurent or Gucci. They have a men and a women division and work internationally very successful.

Ruby Model Management

Ruby is a full-service agency with a women and a small men division.

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Belgrade: The 4 Best Agencies

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Aarhus: Top 3 Model Agencies

Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark and also got some good agencies. These agencies provide high-quality media. Good modeling agencies in Aarhus guaranteed reliable partners Read more

Asia: Agencies From Cina to India

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Riga: The best Agencies for modelling

Do you want to become a model in Riga? Riga is the capital city of Latvia and got a few good modeling agencies, for your start in the fashion industry. As a fashion model you should be 100% motivated, the model in the main character at every shooting or catwalk show. You should motivate teams and be focused and flexible, that is important, due to the fact that models travel a lot and you never know which jobs come tomorrow. Also, you should be very passionate about your job, even if you traveled for 10 hours and got a job directly after you arrived, the team should not recognize that you are tired, always give 100 percent and you will get booked again.

Do you like to become a model in Riga? Maybe you also like to take a look at other cities nearby like Warsaw (Poland).

Natalie Models

Natalie Models is a full-service modeling agency for women only.

Freyja Models

Freyja Modeling Agency was founded in 2012 by Svetlana Kiselyova and Alexander Kiselyov. Svetlana workes in the fashion industry for over 15 years and Alexander is very experienced in teaching, directing and choreography. Freyja’s models are highly represented at the riga fashion week and in styling magazines.

Moon Models

Moon Models is a modeling agency based in Riga. It was founded by Katrina and Zane, who are both in the modeling industry since 2004. They work only as a mother agency for fashion models. They discover new faces and prepare them for the fashion world.

Dandy Model Management

Dandy Model Management is a 2003 founded agency based in Riga. The agency works with big brands like Lacoste and Moschino.

If you want to see more agencies, check out other cities in Latvia or go back to Europe.

Serbia: The Best Serbian Modeling Agencies

You want to become a model in Serbia? Check out the best agencies in cities like Belgrade and start your model career today. Everything you need to apply in an agency, they will tell you on the homepage but normaly the agency just wants some clean pictures of yourself without makeup or any beauty products, like fake nails, lashes or hair. If you want to know what agencies do for you and how they work, check the article about the behind the scene of an modeling agency.

Best Agencies in Serbia for commercial, high fashion and more

Sigma Model Management

Sigma Model Management is one of the best agencies in Belgrade. They work with international partners all around the world. They are the mother agency of all their models and take care of potential development and its placement on the foreign market.

Versus Model Management

Versus Model Management was founded in 2016. As mother agency Versus Model Management scouts, manages and places models in the country and abroad. They represent models from Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Croatia.

Fox Models

Fox Models is a big agency in Serbia with lots of models with experience and different styles. They have a huge portfolio, plus Fox Models have been on the cover of many different magazines.

Orea Model Management

Orea Model Management is not in Belgrade but in Novi Sad, a city close to Belgrade. They are  also a good agency with lots of experience and connections worldwide.

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San Diego: The 3 best model agencies

San Diego a city of films provides models good chances too. Agencies expect punctuality, ambition and motivation. Models have to be flexible, highly motivated and professional.

Osaka – The best modeling agencies in one view

You like to find the best modeling agency in Osaka? Find the best agencies here in our ranking about one of the most popular cities in Japan. As a model you have a few good agencies here to work with.


Select Eve Model Management

Select Eve Model Management represent professionaity and beautiful models. Go on the website from Select Eve Model Management and convinced youself.

Zem Model Management

Zem Model Management is a young model agency. They seach new faces. Zem Model Management focus on eyes and body.