Jourdan Dunn: Extremely successful despite child with 19

Jourdan modelled 2009 for numerous famous designers. But suddenly she is pregnant at the age of 19, but this cannot stop the London-born woman. High pregnant Dunn models further and also very successfully. In October 2009 she is running for Jean Paul Gaultier, who is fitting his famous conical bra to her baby belly especially for Jourdan. Thanks to the changes to the bra and the eye-catching baby’s stomach, Jourdan is the highlight of the show. In December her son Riley is born. Since the baby break, Jourdan 2010 has really started again. She is the new face of Burberry and in 2012 she makes her debut as Victoria’s Secret Angel. She also releases her own children’s fashion collection and opens her own cooking show on Youtube. The channel is supported by model colleagues such as Cara Delevigne and Karlie Kloss, who repeatedly appear in Jourdan’s videos. They cook together and show their viewers simple dishes in a fun way.

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