Sacramento Model Agency

You want to become a model for Abercrombie, Hollister or Target? Sacramento is a city in California and if you want to become a model and live in Sacramento, you may look for agencies in bigger cities like Los Angeles but if you want to stay in Sacramento there are a few agencies you can check out. However you decide, models have to be flexible, highly motivated, professional and willing to travel. Only when the models work hard enough they will be able to represent the performance and get great jobs. Lot´s of agencies in big cities in California are looking for New Faces. Models who are multi-talented have very good chances in Sacramento and of course other cities. Lots of the agencies support talents like dancers and actors too. Check out how to convince top photographers for free test shootings.

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CastImages Model & Talent Agency

Cast Images is a full-service licensed talent agency representing models, actors and kids. Owner Chandra Bourne founded the modeling agency in 1991 and they offer a personal, hands-on approach to our talent, which brings amazing growth and success to the people they represent.

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