Celebrities went to Prom with Fans

Celebrities prom with fans – Some celebrities want to surprise their fans and went to prom with them. For the fans its a dream come true. Kylie Jenner, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Jason Derulo surprised their fans at the school prom.

Prom With Kylie Jenner

Since Kylie had private lessons at home, she never had the opportunity to go to a prom. After receiving an invitation from a fan to attend his prom, Kylie took the opportunity and went to the prom with him.

Prom with Taylor Swift

As part of the MTV television series “Once upon a prom”, US singer Taylor Swift accompanied a fan named Whit Wright to the prom.

Prom with Selena Gomez

Cole talks about his experience of his prom with selena gomez.

Prom with Jason Derulo

The singer jason derulo crashes a high school prom.