Instagram Money & Engagement Rate Calculator: Sponsored Post Worth

Have you ever checked your Instagram channel worth? Calculate your value and engagement rate 100% free. You can use these data to get more money by clients. If you have an engagement rate  over 5%, you are already good to work as an influencer on Instagram! A lot of agencies doesn’t look at your follower only, they combine your follower + engagement to calculate your costs or price as a blogger or influencer. We have this wonderfull and totally free solution, powered by Social Analytics, to check your own Instagram channel now! Have fun.

Instagram Money & Engagement Rate Calculator

Thanks to Social Analytics – The Influencer Management Tool for Instagram – for this wonderful new feature.

How much can I earn as an influencer on Instagram?

Of course the exact answer is extremely difficult to give! For some, of course, the “VIP status” is added, z.b. if he or she is better known through other jobs as well as music or drama. In principle, however, the value of the range can be roughly determined, since the calculation of advertising costs is usually calculated in relation to the persons reached. So if you reach 100,000 people through an ad in a fashion magazine and that costs $ 5,000, the equivalent on Instagram is easy to calculate or compare, if you reach just 100,000 people. Important: The value is not equal, because print media (for example) offer more space and with a whole A4 page, many people will read the information (advertising) as well. On Instagram, many products are only “casually” placed and are of little value.

With this range of data and other variables, as well as the interaction rate, that is, the amount of likes and comments that are given on an average image, the price, or the money, that you earn as a blogger is calculated.

How many followers do you need to be an influencer?

The exact number varies depending on the area or topic that you are dedicated to as a blogger. If you cover a very specific topic, eg. Clothes for small Pomeranians (sweet dogs), then already enough 2,000 people. If you’re on a popular topic, as well as fashion in general, for example. Sunglasses or stylish clothes, then you need more. To be interesting and get clothes for free, you need at least 5,000 fans. If you really want to earn money with your Instagram channel, then you need 20,000 to 50,000 fans. It is really profitable only from 100,000 followers.

Is it easier than a male or female blogger?

As you’ve probably already seen, there are extremely many female bloggers on Instagram. Finding male bloggers is not that easy. As in the modeling world, more and more young girls are interested in this profession. Many boys often come here by chance or through their girlfriend. So, if you start as a male blogger, you can quickly build a big community if you’re diligent.

At what age is it best to start with Instagram?

Ideally, of course, you start as early as possible. Of course, you should always look to see if you are the “right guy” and become a blogger. Because ultimately you give a lot of private price. However, if you start at the age of 13 or 14, you build up your reach relatively early, which you can use extremely well over the remaining months and years. Those who work hard on blogging build their own community. If you have your own community on Instagram or in other social networks, you are valuable as an influencer.