Hermès: Kelly Bag, Saddles & Terre d´Hermes

Welcome to the world of Hermès: In 1837 Thierry Hermès opened his workshop making the finest quality harnesses and saddles in the heart of Paris. Today Hermès is still a family company whose craftspeople make, often by hand and always with love , bags and belts, diaries and dishes, scarves and shoes, perfumes and purses, ties and travelling furniture, as well as gloves, hats, watches, jewellery and clothes. In this article you learn more about Hermès flagship-products like their Kelly Bag or their belts.

Fashion Show: For Woman

Discover the fashion shows for woman.

Spring / Summer

The Women’s Spring-Summer  runway show of Hermès, embodies a sensual collection, where women’s strength and sensibility are enhanced by a light yet structured silhouette, supple constructions and soft fabrics.

Fall / Winter

Dance Choreography & much more!

Fashion Show: For Men

Now we look at the men´s fashion.

Spring / Summer

Staged by Cyril Teste, the men’s summer  collection exudes an air of relaxed light-heartedness and freedom. Precise innovation holds a dialogue with heritage prints that present dévoré, blurred and perforated motifs, transformed using contemporary techniques.

Fall / Winter

The Fall / Winter collection commits to reconnecting with the movement of the world. Hybrid and inventive, the pieces combine nonchalance and elegance with graphic signatures, out-of-frame pockets and playful asymmetries. The looks offer a range of interplays between lines and colors, a source of energy.

Fashion: Kelly Bag, Belts & Fragrance

The fashion of Hermès is very diverse! Let´s explore their fashion.

The Forgotten Bag

Sometimes all you need to find love again is a forgotten bag. Confusion calls the tune in the streets of Paris. Shilly-shally, mad dash, love at first sight, or when a missing Mosaïque au 24 bag ignites the spark of a new romance.

The Making of an Hermès Kelly Bag

Did you ever wonder how the Iconic Kelly Bag was made? Here is a quick overview!

Terre d’Hermès Fragrance

Terre d’Hermès, the strength of the origins, the strength of citrus fruits and peppers combined with a note of flint reveal the trace of earth.

Story of an exceptional saddle-maker at Hermès

Tree, seat, flaps, girths–it is all a matter of balance in this métier that Hermès has been mastering for more than 150 years.

Belt on it – Hermès

All about the famous belts!

Interview: CEO of Hermès

Let´s get to know more about the background of Hermès.

CEO of Hermès: Axel Dumas

Axel Dumas, the CEO of Hermès International, explains Hermès’ strategy after its excellent results in the past years.

Celebrities & Collaboration: Kylie Jenner & Phantom Oribe

Hermès is working with famous Brands and Stars.

Kylie Jenner what´s in my bag

Kylie Jenner talks about the things in her Hermès Handbag.

Phantom Oribe: A Bespoke Rolls-Royce Phantom in collaboration with Hermès

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has co-created a magnificent Bespoke Phantom in a unique collaboration with Hermès.

Community: Bag Collection & Sizes of Birkin Bags

Let´s have a look at the community.

Hermès Bag Collection

Discover her bag collection.

Sizes for Hermès Birkin Handbags

Handbag sizes for every occasion.

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