Giorgio Armani: Fragrance, Watches & EA Bag

Giorgio Armani – Quality, pure elegance and strength. The italian label based in Milan, is the favourite designer of many Hollywood stars. He is famous for his elegant creations. The style of Giorgio Armani is characterised by unusual cuts and a noble monochrome colour palette. Armani stands for quality, pure elegance and strength – qualities that can also be transferred to the style of fashion. Giorgio Armani has made his look a holistic concept of life: you can work, live and dance the night away in Armani. Because the individual sub-brands sometimes differ fundamentally in their style. Let´s discover the Armani lifestyle and fashion.

“Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered”. – Giorgio Armani

Fashion Show: For Woman

Classy and elegant.

Spring / Summer

Autmn / Winter

Fashion Show: For Men

Classy and elegant.

Spring / Summer

Autmn / Winter


Fashion: Fragrance, Watches & Bag

All about fashion of giorgio armani.

Aqua Di Giò Profondo

My Way Intense


EA Bag

Interview: Cate Blanchett

Inside Giorgio Armani’s Fashion Legacy

Cate Blanchett


Celebrities & Collaboration: Shawn Mendes,

Shawn Mendes X Armani


Life of a star

Community: Top 5 Fragrances & Armani Bag

Top 5 Armani Fragrances

Armani Bag

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