Interview x Vitor Drummond: Mega Model

Interview with Vitor Drummond – Today an interview with brazilian model Vitor Drummund. How was for him, a black young brazilian model, to made a name for himself in the indutry living in Brazil. Vitor’s history today in Model Agency One.

Become a Model in Brasil: Vitor Drummond

MAO: Vitor, you are a young model. When did your modelling career start? What inspired you to be a model?

Vitor: I started my career in early 2019, because I loved the idea of being able to live from art, travel the world and have the connections and experiences that this career gives me.

Brazil: Ideal For New Young Models

MAO: Looking at your own experience. Do you recommend Brazil for young models that just started their careers?

Vitor: I highly recommend brazil for beginners, it was a great school for me, it has many talented professionals. Not to mention the fact that it is a wonderful country with a very rich culture.

Brasil As A Model Industry

MAO: So if Brazil has almost everything to be as great as Paris, Milan or London, what do you think Brazil lacks to be compared with those huge fashion cities ?

Vitor: For me, what I lack in Brazil is more humanity and personality in relation to the casting of models. Brands need to include everyone in their campaigns, vary profiles, narratives, give people space to express themselves and be more open to differing thoughts and lifestyles. I feel that brazil still lives in a bubble in relation to diversity what is different and new is not always well regarded by the market but we are evolving in this aspect.

Best Decision With Mega Model

MAO: You moved abroad to London. Does your agency, Mega Model Brasil, help you to make the decision? They give you someadvice?

Vitor: Yes. They are an essential part of this process, they make me feel comfortable to express my opinion and listen to their advice and directions. a model’s career also depends on the relationships he has with his agenciesit’s teamwork.

London: The City That Breathes Autenticity

MAO: So, you decided to stay in London, does that mean you feel more comfortable modelling in London?

Vitor: Absolutely, I feel more comfortable and fulfilled in London, I think I have more possibilities to express myself and be who I really am, it is a city that breathes authenticity and you can find yourself in any niche you choose there are many different narratives and you have many connections that brings you back to yourself.  I see my career having more reach and strength here, growing as a person and professional.

Vitor’s Tip For The Castings

MAO: Throughout your career we can see you working for many brands and attending many castings. How do you prepare for it? Do you have any tips?

Vitor: I usually work a lot in the “backstage” like recording myself speaking and introducing myself, which is already a tip that I leave for you and also accept my flaws and understand my strengths so I can communicate in a way that the client connects with me.

Become A Reference For Young Black People

MAO: When did you realise that you had made it?

Vitor: Modeling goes beyond important jobs for me, I feel accomplished when I can be a reference for other young black people, for childhood friends or a sincere compliment from my family in relation to the work I have done and the person and professional that I have cared for become in this process.

MAO: And what do you enjoy the most about your job?

Vitor: Traveling around the world, the connections I make with each person I come across and that I have managed to savor the moments I have lived.

Photo: Mega Model Brasil

Belive In Your History: Vitor’s Advice

MAO: To end, What is your advice for younger models and their careers?

Vitor: Believe in your History, become aware of who you are, where you came from, where you are and where you want to go. All other people already exist your super power is to be yourself, study yourself listen and be resilient. Try to work with serious and good people looking after you, a strong team is really important in the whole process

MAO: Vitor, from all of the FIV Magazine team, thank you so much for this time with us. It’s been a pleausure!

Become a Model: Best Agencies in Brazil

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