Thom Browne: Designer, Interview & Fashion Shows

Thom Browne – Like Chanel or Fendi, Thom Browne is a luxury business fashion brand. Providing us with its signature tailoring since 2004, luxury menswear and womenswear label Thom Browne is a staple on the fashion month catwalks. Famous for its signature four stripes and its exceptional fashion shows.

Fashion Show: Womenswear

Appearing at Paris Fashion Week, the clean cut aesthetic of the American-based house was thrust into an 18th century fantasy land.

Fashion Show: Menswear

Trying to find the meaning or inspiration behind a Thom Browne collection is very tedious

Design Process of Thom Browne

Follow Thom Browne at his work for the fall collection. See how he works, from conception to execution.

Interview with the Designer

Thom Browne talks with Vanessa Friedman about the virtues of minimalism, the color gray and having his staff members dress as if he’s their father.

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