Best of Prada Fashion Show: Women & Men

Best of Prada Fashion Show – The fashion shows of Prada are legendary. In this article you find the best fashion shows of the last year by Prada seperated in Womenswear and Menswear. Prada stands for luxury, sophistication and desirability and prada is one of the top luxury brands next to chanel and gucci. Just about everyone knows the prada logo and the unmistakable prints. If you want to become a model for prada, you have to work very hard.

Fashion Show: Womenswear

Simple style and minimalist lines were Miuccia Prada’s trademarks. This made her stand out among designers who at the time tended to focus on frills and lace. Ten years after her first collection, the designer created the “Bad Taste” style: she developed designs from a mixture of latex, plastic and satin, interspersed with film strips and broken mirror pieces.

Spring / Summer 2022 Fashion Show

The Prada Fashion Show 2022 is presented in Milan and Shanghai. Black and Yellow are the most used colors in this collection.

Spring / Summer 2021

The Spring / Summer collection of 2021 is very colorful but also simple styles.

Fall / Winter 2021

The fall / winter collection of 2021 contains a lot of fur- and wool coats and skirts.

Fashion  Show: Menswear

The men collection of prada Prada is fashionable, high quality and gives the wearer a confident look. The Prada collection offers a wide range of luxurious as well as modern business and year-round everyday wear for men.

Fall / Winter 2022

A lot of leather jackets and coats on the runway.

Fall / Winter 2021 – Raf Simons

Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons collaborate together for the fall / winter fashion show in 2021.

Fall / Winter 2020

The fall / winter fashion show in 2020 contains business wear as well as casual wear.

More about Prada

Bags, clothes, shoes and accessoires. The iconic fashion brand is company known for their leather goods and seated in Mailand, Italy.  The company was founded by Mario Prada and inherited by his granddaughter Miuccia Prada.