H&M: Fashion Show, Collaboration & Interview

H&M – The Swedish fashion chain Hennes and Mauritz – H&M for short – was founded in 1947 by Erling Persson in Västeras, Sweden. The textile trading company offers clothing, accessories and shoes for women, men and children worldwide via retail shops as well as via the online shop. The concept behind the brand is to produce constantly updated fashion at affordable prices. H&M is part of one of the world’s largest distribution groups in the fashion industry, Inditex, and generates annual sales of $24.8 billion. The fashion brand H&M is increasingly focusing on developing issues such as sustainability. Here you can find H&M collections with fashion shows.

Fashion Shows: For Woman

Women’s fashion to add variety to your everyday style. At H&M you’ll find basic styles for everyday wear, such as tops, dresses, jackets, trousers and skirts, as well as the latest knitwear and hip loungewear. Outfits are rounded off with the perfect accessories to make your outfit the absolute eye-catcher.

Spring / Summer

Fragrance Tip!

The Fragrance Shop

Fall / Winter

Fashion Show: For Men

Die Herrenkollektion bietet Kleidungsstücke für jeden Tag, wie T-Shirts, Pullover, Jeans Loungewear und Unterwäsche. Schicke Sakkos und Anzüge gehören auch zum festen Sortiment des Unternehmens. H&M ist der Allrounder unter der Herrenmode. Hier siehst du elegante Styles für den Winter und sportliche Kleidung für alle geplanten Sommeraktivitäten.

Spring / Summer

Fall / Winter

Fashion: Conscoius Collection

Conscoius Collection

H&M Conscious Exclusive continues to show proof of sustainable fashion innovation – makes accessories from discarded candlesticks and dresses out of fishnets and other nylon waste

Interview: Simone Rocha about H&M

Let´s look behind the scenes.

Simone Rocha about H&M

Für die erfolgreiche Designerin ist die Gemeinschaft aus Familie, Freunden und Mitarbeiter von größter Bedeutung. Daher wird sie in diesem Interview auch nicht nur selber befragt, sondern auch die anderen Mitarbeiter an der Kollektion äußern ihre Meinungen über diese. Überwiegend sind die Beteiligten sehr begeistert von der Kollektion. Vielleicht lässt du die ja auch von den Teilen begeistern.

Celebrities: Maisie Williams

Meet Avatar Maisie. Loooped into life and ready to take on a big mission: change the future of fashion.

Collaboration: Balmain & Simone Rocha

Discover Balmain and more.

Blamain x H&M

A modern collection for both men and women, H&M x BALMAIN fuses classic French couture with urban chic and feautures the Balmain signatures of craftsmanship, strong silhouettes and covetable fabrics.


Simone Rocha x H&M

Actresses Daisy Edgar Jones and Michael Ward, along with Francesca Hayward, create a poetic and playful campaign film that captures the components of nature, family, friendship and femininity with the new H&M campaign “Simone Rocha x H&M”. The H&M campaign is meant to embody the spirit and community on the part of the cast and collection.

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