Lady Gaga: 20 Iconic Looks

Lady Gaga – The Singer presents her craziest red carpet outfits. Whether it’s the yellow hair or the dress made of flesh, gaga has an explanation for everything. unlike what you’d expect, the outfits weren’t just about shocking and getting attention. there was often a message behind the most unusual looks.

20 Iconic Looks

“I was in the egg for three days,” says Lady Gaga, as she recounts her Life in Looks for British Vogue. She’s talking, of course, about the unforgettable Hussein Chalayan “vessel” she arrived at the 2011 Grammys in, held aloft on a litter by six Latex-clad male attendants (the fetishistic fabric required to make their outfits was sourced from a bus company at the last minute, she reveals). That’s just one of many insights contained in the video that accompanies the House of Gucci star’s December 2021 cover – Gaga also explains that the Schiaparelli look she wore to sing at President Joe Biden’s inauguration was bulletproof. Watch the video in full for more revelations from Lady Gaga’s unique fashion journey.