Buffalo: Cowboy Boots, Lisa & Lena & Campaigns

Buffalo – From cowboy boots to striking statement sneakers. The brand was founded in 1976 by Michael Conradi on a trip to Mexico and started with classic cowboy boots in 70s style. In 1984 Buffalo broke away from the western cult shoe and developed its first sports shoes. Within a few years, Buffalo made it to the top internationally with its iconic platform sneakers and continued to expand. On the global shoe market, Buffalo has long been one of the top brands! Today, the label is best known for its edgy sneakers that come in bright colours, glitter and unusual designs. Since the shoes make a statement to every outfit, the brand wants to bring the message to be bold and stand out from the crowd with its “Bolder Than Ever” campaign.

Women: Diversity and bright colours

The new campaign for women is all about diversity. Whether it’s bright colours, chunky sneakers or retro vibes, Buffalo shows that you can wear it all! In the new summer campaign, the brand also introduces the first Virtual Model Ella, once again underlining how multi-faceted the brand is. In addition, Buffalo wants to use the #notliked to encourage you to be open to new styles and to shine through uniqueness.

Autumn/Winter campaign: Wildcard

Bright colours, retro lights and annual market vibes! The new campaign “WILDCARD” declares war on boredom and gives you the wild card to unleash your personality. With cool chunky sneakers and eye-catching retro sunglasses, you can make a statement and escape from boring everyday life!

Summer: Bolder than Ever

With the new 2021 summer campaign “BOLDER THAN EVER”, Buffalo makes a great statement: diversity, anti-racism and body positivity. The models embody the message that you can wear anything. Bright colours, chunky sandals or a sequined dress for everyday wear? Just do it! Buffalo also introduces one of the first virtual models, Ella. If you want to learn more about virtual models and influencers, check out our exclusive avatars.
Autumn/Winter campaign: Wildcard

Commercials: LIVED #Notliked

Buffalo’s trademark is its iconic platform sneakers, which turn every outfit into a statement. With the new #notliked campaign, the brand wants to encourage people not only to wear the shoes, but to live them! This is exactly what the new #notliked stands for: Show your shoes, your story and how you come to life in them.

Buffalo X Leoobalys, Lisa & Lena & Designer

Buffalo is working with great personalities to launch special sneakers as part of this collaboration. We present the collaboration with YouTuber Leoobalys, influencer twins Lisa & Lena, and designer Marina Hoermanseder.

Bolder Than Ever x Leoobalys

The new cooperation with Leoobalys is based on the summer campaign “Bolder Than Ever”. Neon pink and glitter in everyday life? Why not! The collaboration with YouTuber Leoobalys shows that you can be brave and wear what you want!

Buffalo x J1MO71 by Lisa & Lena

With Germany’s most successful influencer twins Lisa & Lena, Buffalo is releasing three casual styles at once under the LIVED #Notliked campaign. The three-piece series is called “Going”, “Like” and “Reflections”. The first model, “Going”, is a platform sneaker that has been given a new style with cool sketches.