Paris Casting: Director Advices

Paris – If you want to become a model and make it internationally, you need a great face and the right figure. Today, that no longer means a straight nose, finely plucked eyebrows and a super slim waist. More and more emphasis is being placed on charisma, as well as discipline. This is a basic prerequisite for getting through long days at work with a radiant smile and not letting any star airs come through that are only allowed to Naomi Campbell. If you’re just starting out on your modeling career, you can quickly give it up again. Above all, anyone who wants to make it as a model in Paris must have a lot of stamina and stand out from the market. Our casting advice should help you do just that

Casting Director Advice

You need tips for a casting? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll get tips for auditioning at a modeling agency and you’ll learn how to become a real model in Paris.
You’ll learn all about common casting director thoughts on headshots, modeling tips for beginners, casting questions, how to become a model, and your interview with a modeling agency.

Saint Laurent – Paris Fashion Week

YSL, like other Parisian fashion houses, for example, Hermès, managed to become an absolute trendsetter. A designer whose works are tailored to all the desires of women and whose priority is in the world of modern, fashionable woman. Supermodels like Naomi Campbell have already walked for the brand.

Romee at Paris Fashion Week

Romee is an international model and in the sky of the fashion world can not be imagined without. She takes you a whole day on the Paris Fashion Week with.